10+ Open Positions in Tokyo: Formal Methods and Cyber-Physical Systems

From Ichiro Hasuo
Dept. Computer Science, The University of Tokyo

For our new 5.5-year research project (ERATO MMSD, Metamathematics for
Systems Design) we are looking for 10+ senior researchers and
postdocs, together with research assistants (PhD students) and
internship students.

This broad project aims to extend the realm of formal methods from
software to cyber-physical systems (CPS), with particular emphases on
logical/categorical metatheories and industrial application (esp. in
automotive industry). The project covers diverse areas that include:
formal methods, programming languages, software science, software
engineering, control theory, machine learning, numerical optimization,
user interface, mathematical logic and category theory.

For more about the project please visit

About the open positions
has more information (esp. how to apply/inquire).

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