PhD/Postdoc position at UIUC on Formal methods, control, autonomy

We have openings for PhD and Post-doc researchers in Prof. Sayan Mitra
<>’s lab at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). 
The projects are related to safe autonomy and security & privacy in controlled networks. Key 
requirement: ability to prove theorems, to program systems that prove theorems, and so on. 
Broadly, this lab runs a number of projects in verification<>, 
privacy<>, and programming languages for 
robotics<>, houses a fun and vibrant community
<> of grad students, undergrads, and 
maintains strong collaborations with several very famous Professors across Electrical & 
Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and indeed, the whole world.

More about UIUC and CSL: This is the sprawling UIUC campus<>. We are 
located in the Coordinated Science Lab<> between the Computer 
Science<>and the new ECE building
<>. Our building is a cross-disciplinary 
home for research groups in Networking, Architecture, Security, Control, Signal Processing, 
Machine learning, and Robotics. It is a dynamic and entrepreneurial environment. You will 
find it easy to strike-up conversations and collaborative projects with professors and 
students working across many disciplines. For example, the CSL grad students organize 
this<> event every year. The new Intelligent Robotics 
Lab<> is now up and running which will be a state-of-the-art-space 
for experimental work. The new Siebel Center for Design<> is launching 
as we speak. The UIUC research park<> is now ranked 10th amongst 
Venture-backed Entrepreneurs. The ECE Professors are truly invested in the success of our
PhD students and Postdocs; there are several year-round mentoring events for academic and 
research growth (see for example this<>). See recent news 
highlights here<>.

Apply now, email your cv to<> with a word on why you’d fit.

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