Researcher permanent position at ONERA, Toulouse, France

We have an open permanent position for a researcher at ONERA. The position is located in our Toulouse (*) premises.

–> Please, do not refrain to apply if you have a strong background in formal methods, programming language theory, logic, etc.; as well as a will to perform research ranging from theoretical techniques to prototyping them and experimenting with them in practice.

Please apply with a resume and motivation letter before the end of March at the following URL:

ONERA is the French research center in civil and/or defense aeronautics & space. Whether ONERA’s research has short, medium or long-term goals, it is ultimately designed to support the aerospace and defense industries.

The topic of research will revolve around the following:
– theoretical and practical development of formal and modelling means for safety analysis of critical systems
– safety analyses of new systems architectures (many-core systems, wireless networks for critical applications…)
– formal verification techniques for embedded software (drones, robots…)

The selected researcher will collaborate with academic partners as well as industrial (Airbus, Thales, Dassault…) as well as institutional ones (French Defence, French Space Agency..).

Expected profile for a candidate:
– fluent in English
– PhD in Computer Science
– Strong background as well as a marked taste for experimenting (/programming) ideas and techniques in the domain of critical systems and a will to address industrial systems.
– Strong skills in some of the following areas:
* systems safety evaluation
* formal methods (e.g.: assisted or automated proof techniques, model-checking, static analysis, test case generation, SAT, SMT, typing…)
* architecture modelling
* systems certification

(*) To learn more about Toulouse, a vibrant city in the south of France, please refer to <> and <>.

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