The University of Twente seeks 2 PhD candidates

Fewer train delays via big data analytics, fault trees, and stochastic
model checking? 

The University of Twente seeks two excellent PhD candidates to work on 
the SEQUOIA project. We aim to improve the reliability of the (Dutch) 
railroads by deploying big data analytics to predict and prevent failures. 
Its scientific core is a novel combination of machine learning, fault tree 
analysis and stochastic model checking. For more information about the 
position, see here

We offer two fully paid PhD positions, with excellent salary and benefits, at 
a very strong and inspiring research department. To apply, see here

We are the Formal Methods & Tools and Database group at the University of
Twente, the Netherlands. Ranked 1st in the Dutch National Research
Assessment. The project is lead by Marielle Stoelinga, Djoerd Hiemstra,
Joost-Pieter Katoen. Contact:

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