Multiple open PhD positions at CEA LIST, Saclay, France


Multiple open PhD positions at CEA LIST, France, in

Software Security through Program Analysis, Formal Methods or Machine 


- BINary-level SECurity research group (BINSEC)

- CEA LIST, Software Security Lab,

- Université Paris Saclay, France

- Contact: Sébastien Bardin (

     Keywords: software security, binary code, program analysis, formal 
methods, vulnerabilities, adversarial codes

Several PhD positions are available in the BINSEC research group, 
Software Security Lab, CEA LIST, in the area of binary-level

software security analysis, to begin as soon as possible at 
Paris-Saclay, France. Positions are three-year long.

* Topics: Our general objective is to leverage recent advances in 
software verification, security analysis and machine learning in order 
to propose advanced methods and tools

for supporting low-level security investigations, such as (but not 
limited to) vulnerability analysis, code protection, reverse engineering 
or malware analysis.

In that context, we propose 3 funded PhD positions on the following 

  . code-level attacker model in program analysis (in collaboration 
with Université Grenoble Alpes, France);

  . combining formal methods and machine learning for adversarial code 
analysis (in collaboration with Université de Lorraine, France);

  . scalable binary-level static analysis for security.

The candidates are expected to solve challenging research problems, 
implement their results in working prototypes, publish at top 
conferences or journals, and broadly participate to the scientific life 
of the group. All positions comprise theoretical work as well as 
prototyping (preferably in OCaml) and experimental evaluation.

* Our team: The BINSEC research group is a dynamic team of 8 junior and 
2 senior researchers, with extensive expertise in program analysis, 
including binary-level formal methods, symbolic execution, abstract 
interpretation, SMT solving and fuzzing. The group has frequent 
publications in top-tier Security, Formal Methods and Software 
Engineering conferences. We work in close collaboration with other 
French or international research teams, industrial partners (e.g., 
Thales, EDF, Airbus) and national agencies (ANSSI, DGA). The team is 
part of CEA, one of the best ranked research institution in the world 
with an annual budget of €4.7 billion and about 16K staff members across 
France. Additional information can be found on

* Requirements: We welcome curious, dedicated and enthusiastic students 
with a strong background in Computer Science, both theoretical and 
practical. We are mainly looking for applicants with knowledge in at 
least one of the following areas: program analysis, formal methods, 
software security, compilers, system or machine learning. Experience in 
functional programming (OCaml) is appreciated.

* Application: Interested applicants should send their CV to Sébastien 
Bardin ( as soon as possible, and before June 
2020. Applications will be reviewed immediately as they arrive (first 
come first served). Positions will have a duration of 3 years and will 
start in October 2020.

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