HECS: MOSIG master program (2016-2020)

In Fall 2016, a new program of master courses was launched, built upon the international excellence of Grenoble in embedded and cyberphysical systems. Many students joined the move and participated in this exciting initiative. As of 2020-2021, HECS courses are part of the mainstream MOSIG program.

Learn modern techniques to develop safer software

The HECS program focused on high-confidence systems, which play an increasing role in all aspects of our lives. Ensuring that the systems and software we depend on is a crucial challenge, with a high societal impact. HECS lectures taught the most recent and most effective approaches to design reliable systems and develop software one can rely on.

Master the challenges of embedded / cyber-phy. systems

Our modern world relies on computers ranging from very small devices (“embedded systems”) to huge infrastructures for transport, energy, health, avionics, space, etc. (“cyberphysical systems”). The HECS program prepared several generations of computer scientists who will design and evolve these systems.

HECS gives you access to 8 research teams

The HECS program built upon the expertise of Grenoble laboratories and the strength of its competitiveness clusters. Scientists from seven research teams and four laboratories participated in HECS.