PhD position in Twente: integrating safety and cybersecurity through stochastic model checking

Integrate safety and security analysis?  Come join us on the ERC-funded project CAESAR: integrating safety and cybersecurity through stochastic model checking.

Safety (no disruption due to unintended failures) and security (no malicious attacks) are historically separated fields, but heavily intertwined. A simple example: locking your door at night is great for security, but bad for safety in case of a fire. The goal of the CAESAR project is to develop an effective framework for the joint analysis of safety and security risks. In this way, safety-security decision making will become more accountable, i.e., more systematic, transparent and quantitative.

The core scientific objectives are concerned with integral safety-security modelling; analysis via stochastic model checking; and risk quantification under uncertainty via fuzzy logic, Bayesian reasoning and Dempster-Schafer theory.

We seek an excellent PhD candidates  to join our team (5 researchers in total). More information on the PhD positions is available via this url

We offer a fully paid PhD position, with excellent salary and benefits, at a very strong and inspiring research department. To apply, see via this url

We are the Formal Methods & Tools at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. Ranked 1st in the last Dutch National Research Assessment. The project is led by Prof.dr. Marielle Stoelinga.

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