Two postdoc positions at Imperial College (London, UK)

Cristian Cadar and I are hiring for two postdoc positions on a new project, /Automatically Detecting and Surviving Exploitable Compiler Bugs. /The research will focus on understanding the extent to which compiler bugs — where a compiler silently emits incorrect code — are a threat to the reliability and security of critical infrastructure, and on methods for mitigating this threat by detecting potential issues ahead of time, or by detecting and surviving problems live, in a production environment.
/The closing date for applicants is:

** 18 October 2017 **

and here is a link to the advert:

As well as strong computing background, with a PhD or equivalent qualification held or pending, we’re looking experience in at least one of testing, security, and practical aspects of programming languages (such as compiler design and implementation).

Please contact me ( or Cristian ( if you’d like to discuss these opportunities before the closing date.  And please spread the word to potentially interested candidates!

Alastair Donaldson

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